European funding

Oktave, the technical and financial instrument designed to generalize global energy renovation in households

Private houses in France accounts for 25% of its greenhouse gas emissions. The achievement of the objectives of Energy-Climate-Air Plans in Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine require mass renovation of the existing housing stock. A rate of energy renovation of approximately 19,000 homes / year by 2050, including 10,000 single-family homes / year is needed.

Oktave, the Integrated Service for Energy-Efficient Renovation launched by the region Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine, aims to considerably increase the number of thermal renovations in housing. Oktave offers private households technical support and financing facility for their renovation projects (at present limited to single family homes).

Based on an innovative economic model, through a dedicated Mixed Economy Company, Oktave will provide households of the region with:

  • technical advice to design and implement energy renovations;
  • support to set up the financing plan for the works, which will combine existing grants, tax rebates, and commercial loans;
  • a complementary third party financing facility: the renovations may be financed in the form of a debt attached to the property, with advances which beneficiaries repay through financial savings generated on their energy bill.

Oktave is implemented in close co-operation with 9 local refurbishment platforms set up by local authorities, which are the local one-stop service centers in relation with households.

Oktave aims to develop a virtuous and self-regulated economic model to help significantly reduce energy consumption in housing stock, and bring about local economic expansion. Indeed, the whole objective involves training programs for craftsmen and regional construction professionals to increase their expertise on future technologies, to place themselves in the new market of energy efficiency and therefore to enable them to access to new customers for heat renewal works.

How is Oktave working?

  • Step 1

    Taking information, first contact & first visit

  • Step 2

    Contract signature

  • Step 3

    Design and planning of renovation project

  • Step 4

    Owner’s decision

  • Step 5

    Financial set-up

  • Step 6

    Funding agreement and detailed estimate signature

  • Step 7

    Review of work

  • Step 8

    Taking control of the house and monitoring

A project funded by europe

Oktave is benefiting from the “Intelligent Energy-Europe” program, dedicated to investments in energy efficiency projects, initiated by the European Commission. The EIE funding is managed by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (EASME), as part of its action to tackle climate change.

Prenez contact avec Oktave

Votre conseiller Oktave vous accompagne en toute indépendance, tout au long des travaux. Il est à votre écoute pour vous proposer une solution personnalisée, adaptée à vos besoins et vous met en relation avec les artisans qui s’occuperont de la rénovation complète de votre maison. À deux pas de chez vous, il vous reçoit pour discuter ensemble de votre projet !